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Kathy Kaplan OAM – Impact for Women – 24 July 2020

Regardless of what screen-time rules existed in your home prior to COVID19, life’s reality has changed. Parents are now not only allowing but are being required to allow children to be on their screens even more than before for educational purposes and for social interaction and engagement.

But that comes with increased risks including cyberbullying.

Just as we teach our children to cross a street safely or what to do in case of a fire or to put on a seatbelt in a car, we also have to teach our children appropriate ways to be online.

And just like we wouldn’t use fear tactics to ensure our children use the lights or pedestrian crossings to cross a road, it’s important that we talk calmly with our children about what online interactions are and are not appropriate and how to deal with them.

And that’s where this engaging book, ‘It’s Up to U’ written by Jeremy Kalbstein and beautifully illustrated by Leigh Brown comes in. The book is bright, colourful, vibrant and a joy to behold. Its clever play on words and its illustrations deliver a story that is current, compelling and encouraging of conversation.

I highly recommend this book: it’s a must-read for today’s children!

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