About Jeremy

Did you know that Jeremy’s not just an author? He’s also been a dance instructor (see if you can work out which one is Jeremy) and an astronaut. Ok, maybe not an astronaut… Jeremy has a passion for stories and storytelling because as long as humans could talk and communicate, we have shared stories. When he’s not daydreaming, story conjuring, or just being distracted by his own thoughts he likes to spend time with his family, playing sport, or watching his favourite sports teams (the Mighty Magpies, Liverpool, and the Knicks).

Today, storytelling uses many different forms such as books, movies, tv shows, games, presentations, and sport, and it is through these many forms that Jeremy discovered his interest and desire to be a writer, a storyteller. A creative thinker, Jeremy always has an idea for a new story percolating in his head.

When it comes to picture books, finding the right illustrator for the illustrations is equally important to Jeremy as evocative visuals connect strongly with the audience.

As a teacher, Jeremy likes to teach his audience through his writing, and he believes that we remember best if we learn in a context we understand. Storytelling motivates, inspires, and persuades in ways information alone cannot. After all, stories bring us together and it is with stories through which we can change the world.